¡Ahí está! Little Lectores #6


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¡Ahí está!: Little Lectores Book 6
A Spanish Decodable Beginning Reader
It’s time for a game of hide and seek! Where is Paco? Where is Zita?

This book introduces the sight words “adonde,” “fue,” “ahi,” and “debajo” and the vowel blend ue.

Sample Sentence: Paco es debajo de la mesa.
Little Lectores books are short, illustrated, decodable beginning readers, originally written in Spanish. Join Paco and his best friend, Zita, as they embark on exciting adventures, solve everyday problems, and spend time with their favorite people and animals. Young children will love the funny illustrations and easy sentences. Parents and teachers will appreciate the guided and careful approach the authors have taken to turn learning letter sounds into reading in Spanish. The Little Lectores series is perfect for Kindergarten readers, with a 32-book decodable progression, each with Hispanic characters and simple sentences in a book sequence designed to develop reading fluency. This series has been designed by educators to teach reading in Spanish for English Language Learners, Spanish immersion classrooms, and beginning Spanish instruction. Corresponding books in the Little Readers series are also available in English.

Little Lectores focuses on building phonemic awareness by gradually introducing new phonemes within each text. The pre-primers slowly introduce new sounds and 100 sight words, helping readers gain confidence and fluency. Each text follows a logical (if slightly silly) progression through the lives of Paco and his dog Coco. These lighthearted stories and engaging illustrations led one 5-year-old beta reader to ask, “proximo?” or “the next one?” over and over.

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